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In my last two semesters at MU, while trying to complete my senior year, my friend George Bicknell and I embarked on what we would come to realize as one of the biggest and most ambitious projects to come out of Marquette's Digital Media program. What began as a small writing idea of mine turned into a full mini series of 7 episodes, in which George and I co-wrote, co-directed, and co-produced. Almost all aspects of the series, from pre-planning and execution, to post-production, George and I controlled and lead. The post-production of the series actually lead into the summer of 2016, and due to the loss of the rest of our team at that point, it was all on our shoulders to complete the project and finish editing the episodes. We poured all the energy we could into this project with the limited time and resources we had, and our creative passion for storytelling is reflected in what you will see here.

Salvage: Episode 1 - "Teenage Wasteland"

With sudden, strange occurences and an influx of crime on a college campus, two very different students come together and take it upon themselves to try to find out whats happening.


*This pilot episode won Best Directing at Marquette Univeristy's  2016 Student Film Festival




Salvage: Episode 2 - "Enter the Void"

Will and Tom begin to try and unravel certain peculiarities, as a new character presents himself to them with information.




Salvage: Episode 3 - "Ashes to Ashes"

A dark change on campus continues to show it's presence among the students, effecting them each in thier own different ways. Will and Tom try to do what they can to understand and stop those responsible for these reoccurring crimes.




Salvage: Episode 4 - "Canary in a Coal Mine"

A close look into the life of the Canary on campus. We finally get the perspective of this all-knowing, almost omniscient man of information for Tom and Will.





Salvage: Episode 5 - "Broken Trust and Battle Scars"

As things only seem to get worse and worse for Will and Tom while trying to do what they can, the violence and corruption among the students grows exponentially. The Canary continues to lie and manipulate, clearly having his own agenda, knowing more than he cares to share with Will and Tom. At least for now.



Salvage: Episode 6 - "Dimmest Hour of Day"

Will reflects on his perspective of the events that have lead to this point, as he and Tom try to figure out who or what is causing it all to happen. Tom is slowly fading without any sign of Sophie. After Will finally strikes his brutal revenge, the Canary decides it's time to put a void between Tom and Will.




Salvage: Episode 7 - "Everything Burns"

The reality of whats happening on campus finally hits Tom as Canary tries to tear him apart from Will. This unknown force fully begins to take it's toll on Tom and Will in different ways, almost bringing them to their ends. But with the return of a lossed a soul from the help of the most unlikeliest of characters, and Will's perseverance, it appears as though things finally take a turn for the better as things go up in flames. Or so it may seem.




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