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Roles: Producer, Videographer, Writer, Editor

Wisconsin DNR

As a part of their involvement in the Discover Wisconsin episode, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources was seeing a decline in hunting numbers and wanted to reach a younger audience in an effort to reverse this. Especially at this time, guns in general were a very controversial subject for various reasons, so my goal was to be as non-political as possible and direct the focus to positive, important reasons for hunting that everyone could get behind. Wisconsin has a long tradition of hunting, so I also took a family, generational approach as well. They appreciated the episode and hired us to put together a separate story you see here using the content we captured. This project with the Wisconsin DNR was one of the best experiences I had working with a client, and the individuals running that department care deeply for our state's environment and the wildlife within it.

Landmark Services Cooperative 

While making some major company staff and brand changes, Landmark Services Cooperative hired us for a series of videos and promotions in regards to this change and expansion of services. I was assigned a few of them, including a history and legacy piece interviewing their new CEO(right), as well as a new episode of their 'Tailgate Talks' series on their new Fall River Commodity Facility. It was a challenging process at times to get coverage of their services in action, as they assist farmers who's work can be very time and weather dependent. They also assist farmers with various services all across the state, so there tended to be quite a bit of traveling across several days for one video. However, I learned a lot about different farming processes, and have come to really appreciate all the hard work and long hours farmers put in to provide vital resources in our state. Landmark does great work in making farmers' lives easier, and helps them be more successful and efficient in their efforts.
Roles: Producer, Videographer, Editor

Badger Liquor

Had the privilege of working directly with the heads of the company to produce a series of brand overview spots for Badger Liquor as they opened a new location. These featured are just a few of the videos we launched. Badger Liquor is one of the larger liquor distributors in the state, so it was fascinating to see their operation in action from start to finish and the work done at each stage to make it all run smoothly.
Roles: Producer, Videographer, Editor

Wisconsin Corn Growers

With a much more personal touch, this was an ad for one of our retainer clients we make an annual tv and radio spot for, the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association. Again, another weather and time dependent project, this promotion was centered around this farmer and his family, and how new technologies have allowed him to be more efficient in his work. If there's one thing I've gained from these type of Wisconsin projects, it's a new found appreciation for farmers and the long hours their entire families can put into producing for the state.
Roles: Producer, Videographer, Writer, Editor

3D Molecular Designs

Produced several product videos featuring their new Dynamic DNA Kit for their marketing campaigns and website. Worked directly with the owner and campaign managers to produce the videos they wanted to effectively represent their product.
Roles: Freelance - Producer, Videographer, Audio, Writer, Editor

Ayla May Bead

Created a series of photo packages and video promotions of artisan jewelry. More of my photos and videos of Ayla's work can be seen on her website. I also posted footage on and did some social media for her facebook page.
Roles: Freelance - Producer, Videographer, Photographer, Editor

Marquette University

The video featured here was apart of a networking opportunity, called the LA Experience. In early January of 2017, MU sent six of its seniors out to Los Angeles for a guided trip to experience the entertainment business first hand and meet other MU alumni out there. I was along for the ride to document as I saw fit. This is the first of several marketing videos for the trip I made for the College of Communications. 
Roles: Freelance - Producer, Videographer, Photographer, Editor

Green Fields Trading Co.

Worked on marketing video promotions at Green Fields Trading Co, as well as working part time in sales at the stores. The video promotion featured here is one of the main videos I have made for the company.
Roles: Freelance - Videographer, Photographer, Editor


In the Summer of 2016, as a member of Summerfest's Marketing Video Production team, I created music artist interviews and promotional videos for all 11 days of the world’s largest music festival held in Milwaukee, Summerfest. Having to be at many different interviews everyday, as well as working on other promotional projects, and then finding the time to edit these same videos the day of, it was a hefty workload at a fast pace day after day. What you'll find here are just a few of the videos that have been uploaded by Summerfest that I worked on. I had loved Summerfest and live music for years, so this job was very demanding but a lot of fun, and I learned a lot in those 11 days.

Roles: Writer, Producer, Videographer, Editor, Social Media

Diane Coffee

Chris Isaak

Land The Big Gig: Finalists

Fest Foods

Michael Franti

Greatest Lakes, a local Milwaukee band

Brett Young

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